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Post by Nyako~Mayushii on Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:02 pm

Lesson 1: Particles~! Without them, sentrences cannot be made


put this at the end of a snetence to nake it a question.

Kore wa hon desu= This is a book

Kore wa hon desu ka.= Is this a book?


Used after subject to mark it as the subject

Blazer wa PSYKO da yo!= Blazer is a psyko, Blazer is the subject so he gets wa after his name.


means and.

Desu to Tessu wa Canada karakimashita= Desu and Tess are from Canada (Nim is too)


means to or for someone,

Walgreens ni ikimashita: I went to Walgreens.

Severus wa kanoujo ni PONY wo kaimashita= Severus bought a pony for his girlfriend.

Keiichi wa Tekkushisu ni susundeimasu: Keiichi lives in Texas


Put this at the end of a sentence to ask for agreement

Dr.Pepper wa sugoi nomimono ne?: Doctor Pepper is an awesome drink huh?


marks possession

Sora no Otoshimono: Heaven's Lost Property.


sub- topic marker

kono michi wa tanoshii michi da yo!

Karaoke to cosplay cafe to kirei tera ga arimasu: This city is fun, there is karaoke,cosplay cafe and a pretty Buddhist temple.

The city is the topic, the things in the city are the sub topic.

Kara= from or because

Zak wa Scottland kara kimashita= Zak is from scottland

momo wa oishii kara takusanwo tabemasu: Peaches are delicious, so I shall eat'a bunch!

OK: If you have questions about anything Japanese language related, ask in this thread, which shall be updated weekly, now that I've finally started it. I'll carry this to the new forum.


Niji ga deru to usagi ni naru~!

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Re: Nyako's Japanese Language Corner

Post by Natsuru-san on Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:28 pm

I read it all Nyako, an interesting read. I understood most of it but I'm hungry so can't think on an empty stomach as they say and will reread it later at some point. I am looking forward to your lessons. Btw, you've made a Natsuru-san happy. ^-^ Arigato Nyako sensei. :)

Thank you Crazy for my sweet rank. :)

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