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My "Secret" Project

Post by joshier on Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:05 pm

For those who have not seen extracts of my story and are unaware, the reason EoaR (Elements of a Reaper) has not been updated is due to me working on a new story. The basic plot is a power struggle over three powerful types of magic. The main character had been unknowingly drawn into its centre and forced to fight a battle that few know about. 10 Amulets, three types of magic and a diverse range of characters, this story aims to bring a new world to life and keep the reader (you) interested. Unlike EoaR however it has shorter chapters (aprox. 3200 words) I will not be putting it online but I will be putting up the first chapter as well as small extracts and teasers. This of course will all be contrary to changes and adjustments so nothing is final! Feel free to comment or criticise the extracts I place online, even if it is just to say that you liked it or like a certain section of it. The more specific feedback I get back the better. Now enjoy Razz

Chapter 1

Alexis lay in the back of the cart, looking out over its edge at the winding road that appeared from under the wooden wheels that traversed Ellundril's Main Route. Behind her sat an old man with a long grey Beard, straggly hair and pale brown eyes, his name was Fenris. Further in front and gently plodding along was a rather large white and brown horse known as Teacup, whom despite the feminine name was in fact a bulky male.

All around them stood a luscious forest, boasting all ranges of green as it thrived in the spring time warmth. The morning dew had almost completely dried up by now, however the odd sparkle of water droplets could be seen on several of the lower lying shrubs. High above them was the sun as it reached its noon position, keeping the climate warm and comfortable. The sound of humming could be heard from Fenris as the trio headed down the road, though this was occasionally interrupted by a few words as he spoke to the horse.

"Ow!", Alexis struck her head against the cart's wooden bench as they rode over a bump, "Darn it, we need some cushions back here".
"If we had cushions then you would spend all your time back there", Fenris spoke while keeping his vision fixed on the road ahead, "plus we need the back of the cart for supplies and trade".
"I know but that doesn't mean we can't trade while in comfort".
"You won't be saying that when bandits attack us", Fenris looked to the sides of the road as if he had jinxed the appearance of bandits.
"No one is going to attack us", Alexis had peered around in time to see Fenris' reaction, "But I see your point".

Several moments of silenced passed and Alexis turned back around, focusing her gaze on the sky. The forest was growing thicker and thicker, letting less and less light in but at the same time it became more and more beautiful as the rays of sun were broken into spotlights, creating patterns of shadow and light everywhere that they looked. Alexis reached over to one of the burlap sacks and after a few seconds retrieved a delicate and expensive looking mirror. It was beautifully forged with silver that formed various patterns and twirls around the edge of the round mirror in its centre. Alexis held it above her white dress and tipped it ever so slightly as the next ray of light passed over her, letting it gently wash over the dress. The many sequins and tiny rhinestones glittered and sparkled brightly, bathing in the light. As she slowly spun the mirror to keep the light on her dress, the sudden appearance of her face caused her to stop, surprising her due to being so focused on the light. She stared at the mirror as if caught in a trance. Her pale skin glistened under the sun and her hair gently flowed against the soft breeze partly covering one of her light blue eyes.

"You look a lot like your mother, you know".
The voice startled Alexis who had once again become entranced. She quickly turned the mirror to see Fenris looking back at her.
"Not quite... Her eyes were a deeper shade of blue than mine.".
Fenris chuckled lightly as he turned back around.
"Details, details...", He lightly pulled on Teacup's reigns and the cart came to a steady stop, "We should reach Zapaneth by evening, plenty of time to stop for lunch".

Fenris rose from the bench and climbed down to the road, taking care not to let his old worn black robe get caught on the cart. Alexis placed the mirror back into it's burlap sack and took out two bright red apples from a nearby crate. She threw the larger of the two at Fenris who despite his age of sixty-two, easily caught it. Alexis then placed the smaller apple to her lips and took a bite while Fenris leant against the edge of the cart, quickly eating his own.

"So how long have you know my mother?", Alexis moved the apple from her mouth as she spoke.
"Since she was about your age, I was her teacher for many years and then later on her adviser", Fenris finished the apple and turned his attention to the sky, "Sadly I was always so busy I never got to meet you until recently.".
"Why would you want to meet me?", Alexis took another bite and swallowed, "I'm no one important.".
"Perhaps... Either way it is only natural to want to meet the family of a friend", Fenris smiled and walked up to Teacup, producing a carrot from beneath his robes, "It is just a shame we had to meet in the way we did".

Alexis opened her mouth to speak but soon paused and instead, took another bite of her apple. A single tear ran down her cheek and onto the apple as various memories made themselves all too vivid in her mind. Both Alexis' hands clasped the apple as she gently moved it from her lips.

"This is not the time for tears, you know that...", Fenris spoke softly, "We need to get you to safety first.".
"Right...", Alexis wiped her eyes and forced a smile, "Lets go.".

Fenris finished feeding Teacup and climbed back onto the cart, picking up the reigns from the bench and gently spurring them onwards. Alexis took another bite of the apple and spun around so that she hung over the bench, the movement of which caused her ponytail to move from her back to her left shoulder. She sighed and brushed it off.

"You know, that look suits you rather well", Fenris chuckled as he guided the horse around a rather sharp bend in the road, "Of course, getting it to stay like that could be a problem.".
"What if I did this?", Alexis placed the ponytail back over her shoulder, but so that it curled slightly in an effort to balance it, "That would work right?".
"Only time will tell.", he continued to chuckle, shaking his head slightly.

As Fenris had predicted they reached the town of Zapaneth by late evening. The trees had thInned and now gave a clear view across the expansive Zapaneth Plains. They sky was a fiery auburn as the sun quietly slipped beneath the horizon. In the east the sky had begun to fade into blackness while the moon and stars were slowly becoming more visible.

The cart stopped a short distance from the Inn, next to a small stable around the size needed to contain two well built horses. As night took full effect Alexis noticed the calm peace of the town. It was surprisingly small, made up of mostly wooden structures varying from huts and houses to lodge like manors and shops. The various windows flickered orange as the candles and lamps shone out into the streets, providing a dim shade of light throughout most the town. Birds had returned to their nests either in the trees or on the roof of various buildings, their tweets growing quieter as they prepared to rest. The main streets were bathed in a soft light from the numerous hanging lamps and lampposts. The moon and stars hung delicately in the sky, illuminating the blackness and protecting those that fear the dark.

Alexis couldn't help but smile at the wonderful scene, she loved the night and all the lights that shone brightly during it. She spun around several times taking it all in while Fenris moved Teacup into the stable. Alexis finally stopped moving and stood facing away from the stables, letting the chill of the night breeze brush over her. Almost a minute of stillness had passed when she began to raise her hands and clasped them in front of her mouth. She pulled her hands back so that they rested against her lips and closed her eyes.

"Illumini", a soft white glow escaped from the gaps between her clasped hands as she almost melodically whispered, "liel."

Alexis released her grasp and opened her eyes as flickers of light burst from her hands and into the sky, forming the shapes of seven butterflies. They rose high into the sky before descending back down to Alexis as a rain of beautiful light, stopping only a short distance from her. Some happily flew around in the air while others would brush over Alexis' skin, illuminating it for a moment, before rejoining the others back in mid air. Alexis watched them with a profound interest in their movement and reached out her hand, extending a finger as she did so. One of the smaller butterflies landed on her finger, lighting up her pale skin and making it shine like the sun had earlier in the day. Several more seconds passed until the lights faded back into nothingness, relieving Alexis' attention from them.

"It's rare to see someone take so much interest in light magic, especially with such basic spells as that", Fenris placed his wrinkled hand on her shoulder and smiled, "You were definitely taught well.".
"I think it is pretty...", Alexis said as Fenris led her towards the Inn.

The Inn was brightly lit and warm. In its centre stood a fire pit with a bright flame hungrily consuming the coal and logs that it sat upon. Embers reached high into the air before finally plummeting to a quick end on its stony base. The majority of the Inn was covered in a wooden floor which was then barricaded in by the buildings log walls. At its entrance was a desk made of dark wooden planks and carefully nailed into both the floor and wall. Above the desk hung a sign that read “The Hunters Lodge”. Behind the fire pit was a simple half log staircase that led up to a balcony. The balcony looked over the Inn and behind it were three doors, each leading to a rather simple room. Directly below the balcony was another two doors, one which smelt strongly of cooked meat and alcohol, leading to the kitchen where as the other was marked with the word "manager", this was the managers own room. The bulk of the Inn was furnished with matching wood chairs and tables as well as further lit by several lamps and the occasional candle which sat upon a wax covered brass stand.

Fenris approached the desk and tapped a rather shiny looking bell, the noise of which rung out surprisingly loudly. A few patrons looked up from their meal at the two before going back to their business. The managers door swung open and out came a stout man wearing a baggy beige shirt and faded green trousers. The clothing seemed a size or two bigger than what the man should own and due to that had become slightly rough and torn where they dragged along the ground or walls. In a rather subtle contrast the man's shoes looked like they were made of fine leather and kept in good condition. As he neared the desk he jumped up onto a stool that had been tucked beneath it and brushed his unkempt hair to the side in an attempt to look slightly more appealing.

"Yes sir, how can I help you today?", the man paused and looked out the window then produced a small pocket watch and inspected it for a few moments before turning back to Fenris, "Tonight, I mean.".
"We would like two rooms please as well as a meal and someone to feed our horse out in the stables, he is the black and white one", Fenris spoke cheerfully and wore a smile on his face.
"Er, right, that is fine. That will be a total of two silver for the rooms and horse", The man scratched his head as he looked from Fenris to Alexis and back, "Meals can be sorted by our chef and waitress Faye, they are not included with the rooms.... Could I also have your names for the record book?".
“My name is Fenris and this is Alexis, I doubt you need our last names too.”, Fenris said.
“No... That is fine...”, the Manager replied.

Fenris reached into his robes and produced a brown leather bag, no bigger than Alexis' fist. The manager looked at the bag with rather wide eyes as Fenris opened it up and proceeded to place two silver coins onto the desk. With a smile, Fenris then ushered Alexis around the desk and to a small table near the fire leaving the manager to compose himself before disappearing back into his room after momentarily peaking into the kitchens to let Faye know of the new arrivals.

Despite the time, the Inn was rather empty with only a few people spaced around it. To the far side of the Inn was a small trio of men dressed in local fur complete with a hood and leather straps. Each looked to be in their middle ages and were most likely hunters of some description. A few tables across from the trio sat another man, he wore rough russet robes in a similar style to Fenris except for his having a rather pointy hood. From where Alexis sat, she could see the man had dark grey hair most likely meaning he, alike the other men, was middle aged.

“It is rude to stare you know”, Fenris said light heartedly, “and they might think your interested in them”.
“I am not staring”, Alexis said bluntly, “Merely assessing the current situation”.
“Is that so?”, Fenris chuckled, “And what have you figured out?”
“That you pay too much attention to what I do”, Alexis smirked as Fenris let out a low laugh.

Fenris recomposed himself as the door to the kitchen opened and a new face appeared within the Inn. Faye was, in contrast to the manager, fairly tall and dressed smartly. She had long black hair that reached down past her shoulders and purple eyes. Her outfit was split into two main parts, a fairly tight fitting blue top which cut off just below the arms and a matching flouncy skirt that reached down to her ankles. Simple brown leather boots could be seen on her feet as she walked towards Fenris and Alexis.

“Hey there! My name is Faye, what will you be having?”, Faye spoke with a local accent, “Personally I would recommend the daily stew, quite possibly my best yet”.
Fenris looked up at Faye and smiled, “That sounds great, we will also have two glasses of water if you don't mind”.
“No problem, I will be back shortly”, she smiled and spun on her heel, heading back into the kitchen.
There was a large bang as the Inn's door swung open and a man rushed in. He looked ragged and dishevelled with torn leather armour. His hair was a messy blonde, turning almost white at the edges.

“I saw it! I saw it!”, He ran over to the trio of men, half crazed in how he spoke, “I told you it was real!”.
The hooded man ignored him where as the other two looked up at the newcomer with tired expressions.
“We already told you Delras, there is no such thing as werewolves”, said one of the men.
“Yeah, it is just as Mallo said”, spoke the second in response to the first, “Plus even if they did exist, you wouldn't get them around here”.
“Pilch, quiet, don't give him ideas”, Said Mallo, placing his finger to his lips to emphasise his comment before turning back to Delras, “Werewolves don't exist, okay?”.
“Yes they do! I saw one!”, Delras exclaimed, “Just look at me!”.
Pilch shook his head, “You probably just fell through some bushes and hit your head on a rock”.
“No! Not this time! I am telling you, werewolves are real and one is on it's way here.”, Delras struck the table as he spoke, “If we are quick we can catch it. A Werewolf would make us rich!”

“Just ignore him, everyone else does”, the voice of Faye rang out through the air as she appeared behind Alexis, “This isn't the first time he has claimed to have seen something.”.
Fenris turned to look at Faye, as did Alexis,
“Well he must of seen something to look so ragged and wound up”, he said.
“Probably just as Pilch said, he would have gotten drunk, fell through a hedge and then knocked his head against a rock”, Faye replied.
Fenris sat back, rubbing his temples for a moment,
“But what if he is right? Perhaps a Werewolf is coming here”, Fenris spoke calmly, almost jokingly.
“Then we will probably owe him a few gold and a mug of ale”, Faye said chuckling.
She placed the glasses of water down on the table.
“Do you believe werewolves exist?”, Alexis questioned, “It doesn't seem impossible”.
“Well if they do then they are doing a bloody good job of hiding”, Faye retorted.
“Ah but that can't be true if one was just sighted”, Fenris interjected, “Unless they have suddenly decided to appear for some reason, of course.”.

A moment of silence passed at the table and Fenris turned back to the four men at the far side.

“No Delras, just no”, spoke Mallo, “It is both a waste of time and effort, besides I need my sleep. In fact perhaps you do too, maybe then you will be less delusional”,
“I sleep each and every day I will have you know”, Delras started to say.
“Perhaps you need to cut back on the ale then?”, Pilch interrupted him, “That stuff is strong ya know, if you're not careful then you will see things that aren't there.”.
“What if there is a Werewolf out there?”, said the hooded man.

The sudden voice of the stranger caused almost immediate silence. Even Delras stopped talking for a moment. The man rose from his seat and turned to look at Delras, giving Alexis and Fenris a shadowed look at his face. He was young with deep green eyes and black hair. His skin was pale, although not as pale as Alexis'. The front of his furs parted to reveal leather armour underneath and a dagger at his side. Although there was nothing particularly off about his appearance, something didn't sit quite right with Fenris.

“Daemon...”, Delras spoke almost hesitantly, “Are you... offering to help me?”
“I don't see why not”, Daemon replied, “If it turns out your right then it would definitely be quite the story to tell”.
“And if he is wrong?”, said Mallo
“Then we all lose some sleep”, Daemon said casually, “Hardly a major loss.”.
“Okay and what happens if there is some beast out there and it kills us?”, Mallo commented, “I doubt whatever it was is a Werewolf but I won't deny that it could be some large beast like a Bear.”.
“Then tonight we will be catching us a Bear?”, Pilch said, “Werewolf or Bear, still some good meat and fur”.

Daemon walked past Delras and stood near the fire pit, carefully looking over everyone at the Inn from his central vantage point.

“Who here would take interest in a hunt then?”, Daemon asked, “Potentially dangerous but none the less offers fine rewards of fur and meat, not to mention a good story to tell”
A short silence followed before Delras broke it,
“I will! I want to prove that I speak the truth!”, he exclaimed.
Another short silence passed,
“We will join too”, said Mallo rather unenthusiastically, “Only to prove Delras wrong, of course.”.

The man who sat a few tables across from Mallo and Pilch turned momentarily before shaking his head and going back to his meal. Fenris watched the group with slight interest but mostly bemusement as they started organising their hunt. Faye had remained at the table throughout the event, partly out of interest, mostly due to not wanting to have to walk past them on her way to the kitchen on the off chance she was pulled into the fiasco.

“Should we have a look at it too?”, Alexis inquired, “Not to get involved or anything, but it might be interesting to see if it is true.”.
“You must be crazy to want to investigate such a thing”, said Faye, “I mean I doubt it is a Werewolf but if you get to close to any wild animal, they could tear you apart.”.
“Then I won't get close”, Alexis commented, “I just want to see what it is.”.
“Shouldn't you be trying to stop her or something?”, Faye asked Fenris, “You her guardian or something, right?”.
“In one way of speaking, yes...”, Fenris turned back to look at Faye, “But if I say no, she will probably go anyway”.
“Exactly, so you will come with me right?”, Alexis asked.
“I doubt I would get much sleep if I didn't”, Fenris stated, “And to be honest I would like to see what this group get up to... But...”
“But what?”, Alexis said,
“We still need to reach the capital, so we cannot stay here too long”, answered Fenris.
“That is fine”, Alexis concluded, “I am sure we will have time to catch up on sleep when we arrive there... Of course if we had cushions I could catch up on sleep for when we get there”,
Fenris just answered by shaking his head rather sarcastically.

Some teasers for later on in the story.

Chapter 4 Teaser:
“Damn it...”, Daemon turned to the people in an attempt to appeal to their better judgement, “Do you all really hold riches above your own lives?!”.
There was no answer other than the moans and groans of those who were hurt,
“It is no use.”, interrupted the voice, “Upon their arrival I ensured each was drugged so that they would commit to their choice.”.
Daemon swung his gaze back to the Shadowed figures, “Do the lives of the innocent mean anything to you?! They did nothing wrong, yet you put them through this!”.
“Survival of the fittest. If the strong don't defeat the weak then they will rise up and overpower the strong.”, the voice replied, “Now kill or be killed!”.
A foul laugh followed the last statement.
“Damn it... Damn it...”, Cursed Daemon as he turned back to the group of slowly approaching people, “Forgive me...”.

Chapter 5 Teaser:
A lonely figure stood amidst a might snow storm. The wind was blowing the gentle white powder into a cold and unforgiving, buffeting frenzy. Layer upon layer of snow built up on the ground, covering the past with each passing second. Between the constant flurry of white and the rising sea of snow only a few dark rocks protruded into sight, defiantly protesting against its undeniable fate. The night sky desperately clawed around the seemingly infinite dark snow clouds, leaving only cracks of darkness in the small gaps between each oncoming wave of frozen rain. Slowly the figure shook and wavered, their resolve broken by the unrelenting cold that poured into their cuts and wounds. Only moments had to pass before they finally fell into the rising void of white, becoming little more than the thousand corpses that lay beside him.

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Re: My "Secret" Project

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Not a secret anymore when you post about it.
It also must be called Secret, cause Secret is in the thread title. Makes sense, good title.




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Re: My "Secret" Project

Post by joshier on Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:50 pm

Valvatorez wrote:
Not a secret anymore when you post about it.
It also must be called Secret, cause Secret is in the thread title. Makes sense, good title.

I was referring to the word secret in air quotes, lol, a fair few people already know about it. When I say secret I was more so referring to it being something I have only posted extracts from and not whole chapters (till now). Basically I just mean that other than the odd extracts and chapter 1, the rest is pretty much a mystery.

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Re: My "Secret" Project

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