Sword Art Online's English Dub Trailer Posted

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Sword Art Online's English Dub Trailer Posted

Post by Sir Maddy on Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:18 am

Aniplex of America began streaming the first trailer for the English dub of the Sword Art Online television anime series on Monday.

The trailer reveals additional dub cast:

Cassandra Lee (Who voiced Ritsu from K-ON! and Kyuubey from Madoka) as Leafa
Christine Marie Cabanos (Voiced Azusa from K-ON! and Madoka from Madoka) as Silica
Sarah Williams (Voiced Sayaka from Madoka) as Lisbeth
Patrick Seitz (Voiced Simon from DRRR!!) as Agil

Aniplex had previously revealed at Sakura-Con last month that Bryce Papenbrook (Blue Exorcist's Rin Okumura, Durarara!!'s Masaomi Kida) will voice the role of Kirito and Cherami Leigh (Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia, Shakugan no Shana's Shana) will voice the role of Asuna in the dub.

Sword Art Online adapts Kawahara's (Accel World) light novel series of the same name. The story revolves around a boy named Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya who enters a virtual-reality, massively multi-player online (MMO) world called "Sword Art Online." There is no escape from this world unless the player clears the game, but "game over" means the death of the player. Crunchyroll streamed the 25-episode series outside of Japan as it aired. Aniplex of America will release the series on home video.

Source: ANN

This dub is just.. eh..


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