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Visitor Messages

Post by Sporadic on Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:14 am

Simple guide on how to send VMs (Visitor Messages).

1. Go to the person you want to VM profile. You'd click their username and to go to their profile.
2. Click "Statistics" tab. It's next to the profile tab.
3. Scroll down 'til you see a link saying "Send new Visitor Message" Click it.
4. Type message then send.

You should receive them by default whenever someone posts them. But sometimes you might have to change your settings. Go to profile then the preferences tab. There should be a field on the top that says:

Allow visitor messages on my profile :
[] All members [] My friends [] Nobody [] Hide this tab

Also, members can choose who can post visitor messages in their profiles:

Profile > Preferences
Visitor Messages has to be activated for this option to appear.
Allow visitor messages on my profile: [] All members [] My friends []Nobody [] Hide this tab

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