JustDubs Future Plans

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JustDubs Future Plans

Post by Sporadic on Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:00 am

Okay, before rumors start flying around about why JustDubs was closed. We received a DMCA notice and noey felt it best to take the site offline. Some of us attempted to get him to hand the reins over but he ignored it so we will be moving on to new plans. It is tragic that JustDubs had to come to an end, but that's the way noey felt it should happen. And considering the circumstance, nobody should hold him accountable for his decision. So let me address some questions I've been getting.

Q. What's our next step as a community?

Our next plan as a community is to pick up and start over. I won't get into detail about specifics right now. But we'll at least have a forum to use so our community still has a place to chat.

Q. What is the purpose of these temporary forums?

Yes, you read that correctly, they are temporary forums. The purpose of having them is so we all have a place to meet, organize and continue posting while our permanent site is being developed. We don't know when exactly the JustDubs forums will be taken down, so migrating here is a precaution so we don't lose a lot of our contacts. If a new site is up and running we'll have everyone migrate over one more time. Rather than have everyone on stand by in skype we designed these forums so we could still talk with each other.

Q. What staff members are sticking around?

Almost everyone I talked to confirmed wanting to contribute. Aside from Fletcha and Noey, of course. The rest of the staff expressed a desire to assume their normal responsibilities on this temp forum. All current staff on JustDubs have full moderator access on this forum.

Q. How does the current staff on this temp forum reflect who the staff will be on the permanent forum?

Staff positions will return to what they were on the previous forum.

Q. What about the old forums, should I copy over threads?

JustDubs and all of its sister sites will be taken down soon. This includes JAN, JR and justdubsforums. if you want to copy over any of your threads you should do it now. Please don't steal threads from other people. if the person who created the original thread isn't here, that's a different story. But don't use this as an opportunity to steal clubs from active members. I also made archive backups of every single thread and post on JustDubs up until Jan 16th. While they're not able to be implemented here, I am able to use them when needing to copy over content. So if you end up needing something on the old forum I have it backed up.

Q. Who can I PM about if I have questions?

For community related stuff please continue contacting Red.
For forum related stuff: if its account related or forum permission stuff contact either Nim or Sev. If its a more difficult issue contact me about it. I've had about 5 years experience on the forumotion acp so I can pretty much fix whatever. I would just prefer not to be bothered with profile setting questions.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions concerning the about content.

I need to make this abundantly clear. It is my understanding that Noey received communication through the email address associated with the Facebook page. The Facebook page is not safe to post any information about anyone's future endeavors or other anime streaming sites. Please quit linking information there. It will be deleted immediately and if it continues, the poster banned.

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