Nausicaa Is Broken (Studio Ghibli Crossover)

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Nausicaa Is Broken (Studio Ghibli Crossover)

Post by Kimolione on Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:39 pm

Watch in HD or the bad quality will eat you. Razz

(Well, I was at the JustDubs forums before it closed, and it took me forever to figure out that this was where everyone was migrating, lol. So this isn't my first AMV, it's just my longest and the first I've ever posted on THIS new forum. 8| Anyways, hope you like it! There's a plot to this, but you'll have to read it in the description on youtube because it's super, super long. Oh, and before you notice - because you undoubtedly will - there are some definite glitches in this video. Like at one point I think there's a black screen for maybe four seconds and a mask didn't show up in another place... so... yeah. Ah, and at the end I think one of the masks in the end picture sort of 'buzzes' or something. I mean, picture-wise it's doing weird thing. Gomen, gomen, forgive meh ಥ_ಥ).
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