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Post by BlurredExistence on Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:46 pm

I was wondering if any of you lot read the Webcomic/Manga Drowtales?

Set in a fantasy world of their own creation it follows the lives of a number of Drow children as they each go on their various different journeys towards their destiny, crossing over with each other at various different points, and recently we've followed them into adulthood as their stories continue on. It also has demons, intrigue, action, comedy, blood, gore (oh it can be quite gory at times) and (imo) great artwork (well not early on but the makers have done a number of retcons to bring some earlier chapters up to standard so i'm sure they'll get around to the ones they've yet to update some time in the future).

If you haven't read it i seriously suggest giving it ago, it's very well written, also as i've mentioned the artwork is very good, and is very compelling. It's updated every week day and has a vibrant community (of which i'm not a part).

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