The First Japanese Subculture Internet TV: Worldwi

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The First Japanese Subculture Internet TV: Worldwi

Post by bedheadred on Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:17 pm

Tokyo February 28, 2013: WAO Corporation is pleased to announce the official grand opening of “WAO RYU JAPAN”, the first Japanese Subculture Internet TV that provides informational programs on Japanese subcultures for free to fans of Japan around the world.

Broadcasting internationally in English, the variety of TV programs provide a unique viewer experience. The programs present an intimate introduction to anime, games, cosplay, beauty tips, traditional and modern culture, trivia, foreign reports, and language courses by going on site to film sets, production studios, and even behind the scenes, which are all holy grounds for fans of otaku culture and Japanese culture, not accessible outside Japan until now.

“WAO RYU JAPAN is the world's first Japanese subculture Internet TV and hopes to become a bridge between the various Japanese subcultures and the fans of Japan all over the world, wherever, whenever.” said Takeshi Nakajima, producer of WAO RYU JAPAN.

WAO RYU JAPAN is currently doing a "pre-opening" at the official website and will be fully launched on February 28.

ABOUT WAO Corporation: WAO Corporation mainly provides entertainment content and educational services in Japan. Entertainment content includes “Nitaboh”, a movie which has won many world movie awards. The Education Division operates a high school and a chain of tuition centers spread across Japan and also overseas.

I watched the "Naked Man Festival."
It was very interesting >.>
The weeaboo in me thoroughly enjoys Japanese culture so I will be keeping an eye on this page.

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Re: The First Japanese Subculture Internet TV: Worldwi

Post by Valvatorez on Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:00 pm

The slapping of asses in that room was the only awkward part for me.




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