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Designer Brawl

Post by Blazer on Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:07 pm

I have a proposition for all of you wonderful designers! Would you like to show your awesome prowess? Would you like to flaunt your skill over others? Would you enjoy the fame and glory of having your work of art admired by all!? Or do you just have free time on your hands?

I bring to you a suggestion from a simple user who would greatly appreciate new signatures/avatars and to marvel at the skill this site houses!


Themed Tournament (All Out Brawl Of Champions)

A bracketed tournament that will have themes and/or anime titles/characters to guide the designers! The tournament will be elimination, but will allow for those who have been eliminated to redeem themselves. At the end of the tournament I will post up all of the submissions for each category and allow voting to determine the best art in each category.

Elimination: Elimination will be considered as the designer's inability to win first place. A designer will be eliminated once he/she has accumulated two (2) strikes. After a battle, the loser will receive a strike. Those who have acquired two (2) strikes will then compete for the remaining slots.

Possible Themes:
Anime Titles: The designers may choose any characters or material as long as the final submissions are related to the anime title.
Anime Characters: The designers may choose any resource as long as the final submissions have the character somewhere on the submissions.
Character Type: The designers will be given a "type" of character that they must have in their final submission. An example could be "Yandere". As long as the final submissions have some sort of materials related to the theme, any resource is allowed. (Multiple characters would also be allowed)
Personification: The designers may be given some kind of topic to personify in their signature. An example could be "Heartfelt moment".
Etc: I will also be taking ideas from the populace if they have anything in particular they would like to see.

-Each designer will submit 1 avatar and 1 picture. (You may submit more, but you must choose only 1 of each to be judged. The others will just show your amazing skill.)
-Submissions may be delivered via PM or posted in this thread.
-Time allotted for each bracket and polling is yet to be determined.
-Submissions may be any size. However, please keep in mind that the submission must be usable in it's required field. I.E. Don't make an avatar that will be obscure once it is shrunk to the appropriate size of 100x100 pixels.

Rules & Tools Available For Use:
1. Tools & Resources - Anything And Everything!
2. No insulting other submissions or designers.

Review Process:
I will act as a mediator and will allow the populace to vote on the winners (as well as myself ;D)! If you are participating within the brawl, you may not vote. I will collect the submitted pictures for voting and display them in the first post for the populace to view.

To vote you may simply post your vote here in the thread or PM me your vote. Voting will be tallied publicly.
Each user may vote once for each battle.

Any and all are welcome. There is no requirement! Sign up to test your mettle! Please /sign below Smile

1. Crazy Potato!
2. Nyan-Sensei (Joshier)
3. Severus
4. Vishal09x
5. -RORO-
6. Twizzel
7. Walshy
8. Saywut


Designer Stats: W/L
Crazy Potato!: 2/0
Nyan-Sensei (Joshier): 1/1
Severus: 1/1
Vishal09x: 0/2
-RORO-: 0/2
Twizzel: 1/1
Walshy: 1/1
Saywut: 2/0

Round 1: "Heartfelt Moments" (Poll Closed)
-RORO- Vs. Saywut [Winner]

[Winner] Crazy Potato! Vs. Severus

Nyan-Sensei (Joshier) Vs. Walshy [Winner]

[Winner] Twizzel Vs. Vishal09x

Round 2: "Humanoid" (Poll Closed)

[Winner] Saywut Vs. -RORO-

[Winner] Saywut Nyan-Sensei (Joshier) Vs. Vishal09x

[Winner] Saywut Severus Vs. Walshy

[Winner] Saywut Crazy Potato! Vs. Twizzel

Round 3: "Yuri"

Saywut Vs. Walshy

Nyan-Sensei (Joshier) Vs. Crazy Potato!

Severus Vs. Twizzel

-RORO-Vs. Vishal09x


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