Two Years Later.

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Two Years Later.

Post by Kaleb_K on Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:27 am

Well, last weekend marks two years since my great uncle past away. I shared a beer with my dad and reminisced about him. It's take two years to be able to talk about it. That man was the closest thing I had to a grandfather. I used to watch John Wayne movies with him, and eat M&Ms. The reason why I decided to post this was because he always had two mantras in his life. "Never say goodbye, that's permanent." he always said "I'll see you when I see you." and his other one was "family conquers all". I had to console a friend in January because their sibling and passed in the hospital after a car crashed, and what tore him up worse than anything, was the fact that the last words he had said to his sister were full of hate and venom after an argument. I wanted to post this because the first mantra is something that I believe true. I never say bye, bye bye, or goodbye any more. It's always I'll see you later, or something close to that. Also, a lot of people argue with their spouses, children, sibling, parents and other family members, and go long periods of time without talking. If anyone who reads this is going through that, I encourage you to pick up the phone or go visit them and say you are sorry, even if you don't believe you are wrong. A few harsh words are not worth a life time of regret, trust me. If you and the people you are arguing with have even one more precious day together it is well worth swallowing your pride. I try to live like this. When I get mad, I leave before I say something I will come to regret, and I have learned to have forgiveness in my heart for what the people I care about say when they are mad. It may be a shot in the dark, but I feel like if I can spread this around and it helps only one person then it was worth it. I'm not trying to be too sappy or to be morally superior, I've just had to deal with the last words I say to someone being hateful, and regretting it later. It's something that I have to apologize for every day, hoping they hear me where ever they are, and after seeing a friend go through the same thing, I just want to try and keep anyone else from going through it as well.

Wishing all you guys well,


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