Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing's English Cast

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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing's English Cast

Post by Sir Maddy on Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:48 pm

FUNimation Entertainment revealed the English dub cast and trailer for its upcoming release of the Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- television anime series on Friday at its panel at Katsucon. Funimation will release the television series on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in two parts on April 30.

The dub cast is as follows:

Fam - Jad Saxton
Giselle - Leah Clark
Millia - Carrie Savage
Dio - Greg Ayres
Luscinia - Duncan Brannan
Sārā - Monica Rial
Vasant - Gwendolyn Lau
Adele - Holly Franklin
Alauda - Christopher Bevins
Alex - Mike McFarland
Alister - Mariela Ortiz
Alvis - Tia Ballard
Anand - Ryan Reynolds
Atamora - Brad Jackson
Baby Sārā - Monica Rial
Cecily - Alexis Tipton
Cirrus - Jeremy Inman
Claus - Micah Solusod
Crèche - Jerry Jewell
Delphine - Mary Morgan
Dinesh - Chris Burnett
Dyan - Tatiana Balazs
Elio - Terri Doty
Emma - Sarah King
Farahnāz - Stephanie Young
Félicité - Apphia Yu
Fritz - Joel McDonald
Geeth - J. Michael Tatum
Gilbert - Charlie Campbell
Guzel - Lydia Mackay
Hector - Keith Kubal
Heine - Corey Cleary-Stoner
Hugo - Jackson Frolick
Ignace - Jeff Johnson
Jared - Kyle Phillips
Johann - Aaron Dismuke
Kaiser - Cole Brown
Kayvān - Brian Mathis
King Of Turan - Bill Jenkins
Lavie - Luci Christian
Leonard - Kenny Green
Liliana - Jamie Marchi
Lucciola - Sean Michael Teague
Magnolia - Caitlin Glass
Marianne - Martha Harms
Marilla - Lindsay Seidel
Niccolo - Josh Grelle
Olaf - Chris Rager
Ōrang - Ian Sinclair
Primula - Marie Charlson
Rahā - Maeghan Albach
Rakesh - J. Michael Tatum
Ralph - Greg Dulcie
René - Lara Woodhull
Roland - Phil Parsons
Roshanak - Wendy Powell
Roumolt - Keith Kubal
Sadri - R Bruce Elliott
Shiva - Scott Freeman
Sophia - Anastasia Muñoz
Sorūsh - John Burgmeier
Tatiana - Clarine Harp
Teddy - Kara Edwards
Tereza - Melinda Wood Allen
Victor - Eric Vale
Vimal - Scott Hinze
Vincent - Brandon Potter
Viola - Yana Kolmakova
Wina - Maeghan Albach
Yashbal - Phil Parsons
Young Fam - Jād Saxton
Young Fritz - Anastasia Muñoz
Young Fritz - Anastasia Muñoz
Young Giselle - Leah Clark
Young Heine - Ryan Reynolds
Young Johann - Maxey Whitehead
Young Liliana - Jamie Marchi
Young Millia - Carrie Savage
The dub staff will be:

ADR Director - Christopher Bevins
ADR Engineer - Cris George
Head Writer - John Burgmeier
Script Writer - Bonny Clinkenbeard

Funimation streamed the series last year, and it is still available with subtitles on the company's website. Funimation's home video release will include bonus episodes 9.5 (in part one) and 15.5 (in part two).

Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- takes place two years after the original Last Exile. Humanity has returned to Earth after an exile that lasted generations, and the only nation that remained on Earth during the exile is now waging war on those that have returned. The story follows sky pirates Fam and Giselle, who rescue a princess and join her in saving her kingdom and bringing about peace.

Source: ANN


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