Anime synopsis CnC?

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Anime synopsis CnC?

Post by MrLincecum on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:11 am

This thread is kind of random, but I was listening to some Baka and Test OST's and they inspired me to come up with this anime synopsis. I was wondering if someone or some people would be willing to tell me what they think about the plot in general. I spent a good 30 minutes conjuring this all together, so could you tell me if you see anything wrong with it or if it closely resembles another anime please?

Anime name: Stranger Than Lies

Synopsis: Masaki Kurou was mentally traumatized when his girlfriend committed suicide out of the blue. With no clear motive and no witnesses, her suicide went unexplained. Kurou, once a brilliant scholar and happy teen, now suffers from PTSD and refuses to communicate with others. But after months of tireless and secret investigating by Kurou, he discovered a secret organization existing in a parallel dimension that was responsible for her death. But there are much more sinister motives surrounding the organization than he anticipated that could put all of humanity at risk. But as Kurou begins to delve deeper into the mystery, the organization begins to see him as a threat. With Kurou’s sanity on the brink, and the organization’s goals on the line, the games begin…


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