Earth's Pawns Ep.II - Legends: War Of The Gods

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Earth's Pawns Ep.II - Legends: War Of The Gods

Post by joshier on Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:18 am

Please refer to this link for EP2 info (new members to join have to register)
refer to TBRP link provided in the RolePlaying forum for details

The times with the deities have changed, many of the old ties to each other were broken, and a conflict began once again. The deities brought destruction to the worlds, some even completely destroyed. This age of chaos resulted in the Deities being thrown into Blistonmy, the graveyard of the Gods. All were sent there, except the deities of darkness and the deity of destruction. The deity of darkness and the deity of destruction always very close, forged a plan, as they knew some time, the others will be released. They merged their existences together, binding personalities, and powers. They became a new entity, a super deity if you so wish to call it. He came to the mortal world, unafraid of the actions of the others, as they were detained in Blistonmy. His power attracted followers, and many devoted themselves to him. His followers conquered the lands, toppling great kingdoms. This was not to be unanswered, as time progressed, people started to raise their fists. Believing that the all deities have once again choose to oppress them all together, their purpose became to shut themselves out from the Gods once again. They fought bravely against the forces of the new deity of darkness, destroying his forces swiftly. They were victorious, but their mission was incomplete. They sought out artifacts from much earlier periods of time, such as the staff of Sundrid, the observer's enchanted glass, and even a bottle containing the 'void'. They used the artifacts to manufacture 3 powerful amulets. With these amulets, they activated an extremely ancient barrier that prohibits direct interaction with the Gods. The amulets, being very powerful, were taken away in secrecy, so that very few know about its whereabouts.

Again, time progressed, and the world, without a trace of interaction from the Gods in many years, fell into war once again. The bearers of the amulets conflicted, displayed their power for the world, and broke off into factions.

Darkness stands in watch, he cannot act with the barrier still intact, that does not mean he is not plotting anything...

While in Blistonmy, The deities underwent some changes, trading powers and meditated on them, some of them changed their ways completely.
Many brave heroes died in that battle and those that lived soon decayed through the years...
However rumour speaks of two who can still recount the days...

A century has passed the the world has once again fallen into war, this time at the hands of powerful war lords...

Three main factions have come into being with the discovery of three amulets, each mysterious yet powerful... giving the wielder imense power. Power not seen for a century.

Can you claim the mantel of hero and bring peace to this broken land?
Or will your make it crumble under your power?

The world has been split between the three factions; Vanguard, Archangel and Soul...

It is a cold and unforgiving nation. The towns are often built small and from wood, located in forests or near Ice lakes. Tundra makes up most the land in which temperatures become deadly if suffered for too long. The south and east coast is covered by a mountain range. Ruled by Deus.

It is a prosporous land, filled with grasslands and forests. Mountains surround its capital giving it a natural defence from attackers as well as an economic rescource from its various mines and tunnels. Many small villages and towns are scattered around the nation. Ruled by Daemon.

A baron landscape in which settlements are few and far between. Many people have taken to living underground or in mud based buildings. Desert consumes most of the land, leaving very few areas capable of crops. Despite the nations poor appearance there is much untapped wealth deep below it in the form of iron, silver and gold. Ruled by Asellus.


Darkness - The Deity of Darkness, Death and Destruction
Flame - The Deity of Fire, War and Honour
Light - The Deity of Light
Aqua - The Deity of Water and Life
Aire - The Deity of Wind, Sky and Knowledge
Gaia - The Deity of the Earth and Nature
Volt - The Deity of Lightning, Thunder and Storms
Frost - The Deity of Ice, Snow and Cold

Races: (Basic)
Elf - Fast and skilled with magic but lack endurance
Human - Adaptable but lacks magical talent
Dwarf - Short and stout, they are slow but possess impressive strength
Fairy - Small but capable of flying, the posses powerful healing but lack strength
Dryad - Female appearance, they are nimble and possess nature magic
Centaur - Half horse and half human, they are fast and powerful archers but are unable to wear armour that fully covers them. They lack magical ability
Faun - Half human and half goat, there legs allow them a slight speed bost as well as a powerful kick but lack the ability to wear heavy armour on their lower body. They lack magical abiliity.
Drow - Dark relatives of the elf. Proficient at dark and fire magic and boast higher endurance but lack the natural inteligence, speed and general magic use of the elves.
Note: Other races may be used but specify weakness' and strengths

Note: With mixed races you must take on both strengths but also both weakness'... So an elf/human would be adaptable, fast and have moderate magical abilities

Example Character:
Name: Joe Bloggs
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Origin: Soul
Abilities: Air Magic and Healing
Weakness: Lightning Magic and Physical Attacks
Weapons: Staff

Keep weight of weapons in mind...
No OP characters...
Please balance abilities and weakness'

ERA: Final Fantasy Meets Fable

Thanks to:
Miss Elegent Serenity

[SIZE="5"]characters info:[/SIZE]

Name: Elliros
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Origin: Archangel
Abilities: Archery and Healing
Weakness: Dark Magic and Physical Attacks
Weapons: Recurve Bow


Name: Flint
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Origin: Archangel
Abilities: Paperheart - The ability to turn written words into magic
-Hand Written Words are more effective than printed words
-The neater the handwriting and longer the text, the more powerful it is
Weakness: Physical Attacks
Weapons: Books, Paper and Pencil

Name: Slave (the only name he's ever known)
Age: Unknown (even to him, looks like he's in his early twenties)
Sex: Male
Race: Human(oid), is an artificially created homunculus...
Origin: Archangel
Abilities: Above-human strength and immunity to pain, allowing him to withstand blade attacks and burning or shock magics without too much trouble
Weakness: Far more brittle than regular humans - if he places any part of him under too much stress, it will explode, regenerating one hour later. Obviously his arms and legs are the main problems, and he's afraid to use his head, again, for obvious reasons...
Weapons: His arms and legs (for now)

Name: Veran
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: Drow
Origin: Vanguard
Abilities: Dark Magic and Fire manipulation.
Weakness: Lacking great magical proficiency, Nature Magic
Weapons: Two daggers

Miss Elegent Serenity
Sex: female
Race: Human/ elf
Origin: archangel
Abilities: water and ice magic
Weakness: fire
Weapons: water blade

Name: Maruna
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Descendant of a special kind of humans
Origin: Soul
Abilities: Genetically engineered strength, Evasion (Unhumanly Swift dodging)
Weakness: Lacking in social skills, can be taken out rather quickly if an opponent does manage to hit.
Weapons: A short sword with a chain connected at the end of the handle to her wrist.

Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Origin: Archangel
Abilities: I wont say magic mostly a normal Human which is a demon, for ex Black Butler Ciel, his character demon form. Red eyes channel my powers, fighting!!
Weakness: Fire(parents died in fire)
Weapons: My Butler Sabastien.

Name: Sabastien
Age: 24
Sex Male
Race Demon
Origin: Archangel
Abilities: Same as mine
Weakness: Me, If i am in danger
Weapons: Himself.


Name: Daemon
Sex: Male
Can use storm magic and possesses inhuman speed. He is the current ruler of Archangel and has the Gaia amulet in his possession.


Ren - A master of water based magic. She also has surprising physical strength when angered.

Miss Elegent Serenity
Name: Ella
Can use blue lightening, she is half celestial/ half lightening spirit..was originally the last of the full blooded spirit til certain events changed that

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Re: Earth's Pawns Ep.II - Legends: War Of The Gods

Post by joshier on Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:19 am


Basically everyone is in the port in the west of Archangel, just continue from there

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Re: Earth's Pawns Ep.II - Legends: War Of The Gods

Post by Miss Elegent Serenity on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:08 am

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Re: Earth's Pawns Ep.II - Legends: War Of The Gods

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