What Happened To Noeylani94

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What Happened To Noeylani94

Post by Temping34 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:28 pm

From reading the post from steveyk on the thread posted at 18:37 Monday we know it was in fact a libel suite or defamation case brought against Noey, or as most may know it by, Slander.

Now since the case was brought against the owner of the JustDubs domain and not Noey in general we can say with fair certainty that any evidence in the case would have had to been a slanderous post on the site against the holder of the case.

This is something that anybody who regularly monitors the front page would have been able to confirm or deny as truth, and as I did monitor the front page myself I can verify that no slanderous posts were towards any person(s)/group(s)/organization(s)/service(s) were made via the main pages of said site. Therefore the only place where a slanderous post could be made against any person(s)/group(s)/organization(s)/service(s) would have been the forums, a area of any site that would not be covered under the ToS as it would be user generated content and therefore not represent the thoughts or actions of the domain owner/staff in any way, which therefore result in the case being illicit.

If such a case was launched against any said person(s)/group(s)/organization(s)/service(s) it could classified as attempt at defamation or, slander.

In which case the target of said case could counter sue for defamation/slander with a libel suite, as well as the holder of the original case being reliable for any damages caused by their actions and misuse of the courts and legal systems for personal gain, a serious offence.

So in light of recent events if the posts of Kusanagi just before steveyk on the thread started at 18:37 Monday are indeed true and Noey did not want to risk his college enrollment, it would have been wiser to counter the claim since most college/university(s) encourage this kind of activity as misuse of the courts/legal systems is generally frowned upon by educational institutes and generally most of the world.

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Re: What Happened To Noeylani94

Post by bedheadred on Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:30 pm

You are misinformed. The suit is not against Noey.
I'm closing this thread. The personal lives of our staff members, past or present, is not an appropriate topic.

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