-RP- "The Syndicate"

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-RP- "The Syndicate"

Post by Miss Elegent Serenity on Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:29 am

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"The Syndicate"


A Future, left alone. Crime rates have skyrocketed, From Racketeering, Extortion, Soliciting, Bribery, and Murder. The city fall in shambles, The Freedom-Fighters too afraid to take any action, or are bought out by the 4 Families in charge. Kizaro, Gavoni's, Ushi, and The Vangaurds, It wasn't always like this. Let's bring it back a few years.

When the 4 families were an empire, they were inseparable. Politically active, and morally correct. some remained morally correct, while others became more firm believers in affirmative action. What needed to be done, needed to be done.

In The Kizaro family's eye's there wasn't a right or wrong. Before he became ruthless, he used to be a caring person. Would go out of his way to help his friends, and other allied families. Until... He went out to get groceries with his immediate family, Wife, Kids, etc. As he was walking to his car, he was shot in the shoulder by a hired gunman. Naturally he fell to the ground and acted to have died. While the bullets didn't stop at just him, assuming it would save his family. His family was shot up. His Wife, Daughter, And kid. He believed that this incident was related too one of the Families and so he broke off from the unification. He trusted no one anymore, except for his family. The Kizaro's Were mainly Racketeers and Murderers these days, before they were an icon in the political field. Now something to be feared.

The Gavoni Family: Their head is Don Vincent Gavoni. The Gavoni's were in charge of a lot of things, mainly protecting businesses in exchange for the usual, keeping political and authority figures in check. They believed in taking action. they were very close to the Kizaros when the families where unified, untill news of Don Kizaro's family came out and he broke off. That caused the head of the Gavoni's to seek the persons who hired the gunmen to off the family. When he tried to talk to Kizaro, he was hit with a wall. A creeping suspicion arose inside of Don Vincent Gavoni's heart, He knew that without the Kizaro's, the empire was going to fall apart. And so, he prepared for the worst. He started saving up, and telling his men harsh times were coming. He didn't have to really tell anyone though, they already knew it. Though Kizaro had no animosity towards the family, he couldn't sacrifice the possibility his best friend set him up. And so, Gavoni built up more of his family, since it used to be a mix, it wasn't really a concern. Now, just as strong as the Kizaro family. The Gavoni's stand. Whether they hate each other is beyond me. All I know, is neither of them want to walk in the others shadow.

The Ushi Family:. Prime Suspects, They're vicious, Like a A Fighting Doberman off of it's leash. Willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead of the law. Made Millions off of Extortion. Wouldn't be surprised if they had a few racketeering fronts established. They would buy off major political figures, Including authority figures. During the good times, they were kind to their allies, but once they caught wind of the Kizaro's abandoning they prepared for war. Paranoia set in for the family. It was terrifying, They extorted every business possible, avoiding the other families businesses. Too keep the demons locked away in all this fraudulent activity, they would donate to Charities, Churches, any cause that was Generous to others. It was a good facade. They didn't get their hands dirty often. But when they needed to Kill, they would do so without a second thought. Not to take it away from them, If you met all the family members alone and individually they were very friendly, never really ones to go out of their way to harm others. Martain Ushi being the head of the family. enjoyed his riches, but was never stingy to his family members.

The Vanguard Family: They were infamous for their methods of money laundering and smuggling. If you needed a product that you couldn't aquire on the open market such as drugs or weapons then you wanted to be friends with these people. During the good times they really friendly to the their allies, but when word reached the leaders about the betrayal of the Kizaro's they went underground to avoid detection. Since then they have been stockpiling preparing for the future, under the impression that a war was coming.

Can't say I blame any of the families for doing what they did, Or even what they're doing now. Once they broke off, it was the end of an Empire. What is to come next, to happen next, is beyond me. I know the four dons can't hear me, But Whatever you choose to do, Will effect everyone.

~Character Creation~

Strength:(Make 2)
Weakness:(Make 2)
Main Criminal Activity:

Future, Eventually. You will be able to mutate your characters genetic infrastructure giving them new abilities, Or you can go into the technology spectrum.


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