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-RP- Earth's Pawns

Post by Miss Elegent Serenity on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:43 pm

Please refer to this link below for -RP- Earth's Pawns info

(new members to join have to register) refer to TBRP link provided in the RolePlaying forum for details

please read full post for story and updates
for those who want to join i will do my best to recap everyone at night if the story progresses and your not on or jus msg me and ill send you the dets, this will help prevent everyone from falling behind in the thread

A greedy king, not happy with the ruling he had over the land "despicable creatures" he called mankind, wanted more. The deity of death and destruction, pleased by the Kings thirst for more power, decided to offer a deal to the king. The king was offered to have a world all to himself and the power to create that world, but in return he was to destroy all of mankind. The deity saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a world of darkness and the king would do his bidding. As greedy as the king was he didn't hesitate to take the offer.

A war broke out amongst all the villages, the king using the deity's forces to destroy all of those who were human leaving the world in turmoil.

The other gods were displeased with this, but they too had a plan of their own, they had prepared for the deity to make a move as bold as this many years in advanced. They had placed several humans on the earth to be born in the years prior to the attack, knowing these humans would fight back for what is right . Each person carries a certain power, a tool/weapon, or had a special ability about them to help them battle the kings pawns, to ultimately bring down the king and his rule.

we are to battle the kings demon pawns to survive and to try to get to the king to destroy him to gain back the world we once loved

diagram of the deities

The Gods are all siblings to each other, the number unknown so far.

So far there are:
The Deity of Pride and Purity
The Deity of Light

The Deity of Darkness
The Deity of Death and Destruction
The Deity of Knowledge (The Observer, Mirathrous Drakkat)

The Deity of War and honor
The Deity of Realm- purely neutral affected by the lands and everything living on it
The Deity of Existence- affected by all life in all worlds
The Deity of nature

The family always struggles with each other...

The Deity of Death and Destruction dislikes everyone, except for the Deity of Darkness.

The Deity of Darkness is mostly neutral to everything occurring, he is a solitary figure.

The Deity of Knowledge dislikes the Deity of Death and Destruction, as he dislikes his precious people.

The Deity of Purity and Pride opposes the Deity of Death and Destruction and the Deity of Darkness. He is neutral towards the Deity of Knowledge.

*****so here are the rules..*******

*no one is invincible or all powering (even the villians we have as op have their weaknesses)

*you can have a supernatural power, a certain tool or weapon that contains a power, or a special ability to battle with, but no god moding, powers are to be limited. No one is gonna go outside, slam their sword on the ground or use their power and obliterate everything in sight all at once, this is not allowed PERIOD. Basically "one shot, one kill" ordeal

*play your characters as you would like, if you follow the rules there shouldn't be any issues, not everyone has to be in one group there can be several groups or you can travel solo, we are all going after the same thing in the end.....

you can start as soon as you enter you character info Smile

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