-RP- cælum vs inferno (a war brought upon earth)

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-RP- cælum vs inferno (a war brought upon earth)

Post by Miss Elegent Serenity on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:32 pm

Please refer to this link below for -RP- cælum vs inferno (a war brought upon earth) info

(new members to join have to register) refer to TBRP link provided in the RolePlaying forum for details

~RP~ cælum vs inferno
(a war brought upon earth)

The war between Demons and Angels has been going on for centuries however after a recent devastation in Asia, what many thought to be myth has become very real. The Demons are dark creatures who wish to see the world crushed and consumed by darkness where as the angels wish for it to be a place of light and purity. Each side has their own method of conquering. Demons will Attack relentlessly and with great power, laying waste to the land. Angels will try to preserve the land by using trickery to force humans into fighting against the Demons for them. In the end both want the humans and opposing side dead, this is a three way war unlike any seen before and you are the only one who can find the truth and stop it

to start post your character info and intro


this is a play as you go RP anyone can throw whatever they want in here.

~no GOD MODING anyone who does post will be removed thanks
~no killing of other characters unless you have worked something out with one another
~have fun and be creative

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