-RP- United We Stand, Divided We Fall (ADVANCED)

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-RP- United We Stand, Divided We Fall (ADVANCED)

Post by Miss Elegent Serenity on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:23 pm

Please refer to this link below for -RP- United We Stand, Divided We Fall info

(new members to join have to register) refer to TBRP link provided in the RolePlaying forum for details

This world has always been a mysterious place. Legends and myths, they were all thought to have been fake, however, each of them contained a kernel of truth. Behind the scenes of history, there have been numerous conflicts since the early years of humanities rise, for humanity needed guides, but more importantly, protectors. What they received were the knights, a group of beings with the blood of the celestials, who’ve silently protected them for generations. From what one may ask. Well, those dark creatures that one hears, who go ‘bump’ in the night of course, and from themselves. But enough of history, time for the present. The current time is within the year 2280. A massive global catastrophe nearly destroyed the planet two hundred years before. It was at this time that the knights revealed themselves to humanity, for without their guidance, the humans, who had been crippled technology and military wise, needed their help desperately. With the aid of their protectors, the world became a cleaner, more efficient place, but at the cost of humanities ability to use their own judgment in global matters, for they nearly destroyed the planet once, the knights wouldn’t give them a chance to do it again.
One may step into this world as a knight, who are immortal beings, at least in the matter of age. Decapitation, dismemberment, incineration, etc, those kind of things may still kill them, but they are still very hard to kill otherwise. The young knights who have yet to mature, or master their powers may either wander the planet and explore, or take up lessons at the Academy for knights, a massive structure, miles wide, thousands of feet high, a place where one is sheltered from all but themselves. It is at the academy where knights are trained to fight, trained in matters of lore, machinery, healing, magic, just about anything that matters. This is a new age, and not every needs to be out fighting.
For those who wish to walk the world as enigmas, there is the reaper, either half blood or full blooded, they live just as long as knights, though they lack rapid regeneration, and their blood, when heated, is explosive, literally, and poisoness, in case someone thinks of biting them. These are men and women who must always walk in shadow, for the sunlight hates their skin, just as badly as their immortal foes, the sanguine vampiric race. They report directly to Grimm, the master reaper, and their duty is to find stray souls of those who have not walked the path to damnation or serenity, and bring them to their respective paths. Their counterpart, the vampires, they have integrated into society in such a way, that in order to keep them from feeding on the public, there are specific blood banks meant for those afflicted by this virus. However, some of the more ancient vampires…..they have a few extra perks, such as a transformation that leaves them nearly bullet proof, oh, and the sunlight doesn't burn them, however, they are strongest at night, same as the reapers.
If one wants to shed the blood of the innocent, there is the hellhound, a situation, where one who is a knight, a human, or some other respective race, changes at will into a seven to ten foot creature with bow legs, massive claws, and the head of hound from hell, whose body is covered in flame and corrupted red armor. When in this form, they are plagued by a rage that is hard to control, and may commit acts of great strength and brutality, such as tossing a limo at some unsuspecting bystanders. For those who wish for the cold, there are the zangerians, a race of many shades who live within the artic, though some are known to explore the earth. The females only ever reach about six feet, and that’s their tallest, while the males tower over them at seven feet minimum. Most males are born with four arms, however, the ones born with two are twice as strong. They regenerate, some are born with the blood of the celestials, so they are granted very long life, and the cold cannot faze them.
The final race I have to give you is the halfbloods, ones who are directly descended from either a demon, or a celestial. They carry their parents respective traits, and power, no matter who they are descended from, they are equally destructive, or equally helpful. Just because a person carries the blood of an evil being, doesn’t mean they’ll use it for that purpose, the same goes for one who carries the blood of a righteous being.

Play the races the way you wish, for this is a free world, fight, play around, get into politics, assassinate the politicians, mess around, build a compound, experiment with science, research into the past, cut your own path, defend the law, break it the same day, be a bard, be a poet, run a business, blow up someone else’s. And for those who really want to be evil, when the character, Dageroth shows up, I recommend you join him to cause some real disasters, while those who wish for the ultimate good should join anyone with the last name, Mystic(name is reserved for characters that’ll be important to the plot.) However, the true cutters of their own path, shall be rewarded the most in the end. For combat, fight as you would wish, but don’t kill another person’s character, unless of course they say they wanna be killed off. Oh, and for the love of Nihil, please, please use proper grammar.
One may come up with their race within this world, as long as they explain it at some point. The rules for characters here are of course, no god mode, for there are no defined gods within this world anyway, and anyone who chooses to create such a character WILL NOT RECEIVE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, or my respect. Secondly, characters may have numerous powers, but for the amount of powers they are given, they must have drawbacks to every ability, and their powers must be explained. Age wise, act the age of your character, though I’d recommend having characters 18 and up. If they are ancient, then say their actual age, and then the age which they appear as. One must also name their weapon specialty, or simply say jack of all trades, their race, hybrids are allowed, as are custom races, give a short physical description of their character, and though its not required, a little background info may hel p as well. Oh, and you must explain where your character is currently located, their start destination really. Finally, the best part about this world, is one may stick to their own story, or proceed with others, so that if you miss out on part of the thread, no biggie, you can jump right back in. You may have multiple characters, but you must indicate your characters, either through a change in text style, such as making the text bold, or italic, or by changing the color of your text as well. I’ll leave to let people decide whether they want to join into this world of freedom or not, good day.
This is how you put your character in:
(Forgot to add age)

Sadly, I guess I need to place some rules in bold, which sucks for me. Anyways, no one hit kills, especially on other people's characters. If you're fighting a random enemy, well, if you have an exact way to take them out in a single hit, you have to describe it, not just stabbing in the heart, shooting them up, and if you cut someone's head off, well, think of how tough that would be for anyone without super strength. Also, weaknesses, for Nihil's sake, you need to have weaknesses, or else your character will seem invincible, and no one will like it. If you have any questions, PM me, or Miss Elegant Serenity, I am the moderator of this thread, and she is the Co-Moderator, because I'm horrid at organization, and she's awesome at it. Thank you peeps, also, stay away from Lamia's cookies.

Okay then, so, to do a little summary of what the story is, well, at least the established one, anyone can have their own story in this thread, I'm just placing the story built behind my characters. The Mystics are a family of Knights who've been fighting an organization led by the cloaked archer, Dageroth, for thousands, and thousands of years. Grey Mystic, the eldest of Serriola Mystic's children, is leading this fight, or he was. He's been captured at the moment, though, he only did this in attempt to bring back Pyro Mystic to the side of his own family. Grey may be imprisoned, but his reach into the outside world still extends, will you be there to answer?


So people may have a bit of confusion about how these things are made, and what the hell they actually are. Basically, they are the true essence of something, and feed off of that essence within the world. There are few ways to destroy them, though the sure fire way is extremely difficult. If they give up their power to a mortal, or immortal being, they become flesh and bone, they are vulnerable to death. They become as vulnerable as a damn human. If the human, immortal being, or whatever they placed their power into is killed or destroyed, their power is dispersed into the world, and the entity becomes nothing more than an aspect of this planet. Few have chosen this path. The other ways to destroy them are unknown to anyone living on the planet, only beings such as Lucifer know. So far, there are three established entities, and one being hinted at.

Genesis- The seed of evil, the first murder, he is the very essence of this. He gains his power from the merciless killing of beings, and is the most hated, and perhaps dangerous of the entities, for he also unpredictable. Normally, he strikes randomly, but if he chooses you as his target, be assured, your life will be a living hell............

Dageroth- Treachery, backstabbing, shooting the messenger. Each of these only hints at this scum bag of a entity. He and Genesis used to be one, though thanks to the actions of Occidio, the hybrid of heaven and hell, the damage they could have caused together was avoided. Dageroth leads a group of the most powerful warriors on the planet, no, they aren't warriors, they're murderers, they're monsters, they are what goes bump in the night, and what one fears when their eyes are opened and closed.

Oblivion- True destruction, endless destruction, and he's working for the Mystics, living with the prodigy, Grey Mystic. Too bad using too much of his power destroys the body of the one he is within. He is mysterious, and for once, his powers are being used to crush the evil which threatens the planet. How long can this last?

Omega- The power to end all life as we know it, and create new life. Plain and simple. Its been hinted at that he lived within Lone, and is now within Grey, probably what balances out Oblivion at times.

~character's info~

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